PT. Mitra Jaya Sarana is a leader of Indonesia Fire Safety Equipment with their Brand Quickfire for 14 years. They provide Fire Safety equipment such as Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrants System, Fire Alarm System and Fire Sprinkler.

The challenge

PT. Mitra Jaya Sarana is established with brand named "Quickfire". This brand has strong position in Indonesia market for its product price, value and quality.


However, this company runs as a traditional company that only focus on using direct marketing to reach new clients and projects. Their website is filled with outdated information without any other digital presence e.g. Google My business, social media, listed on B2B marketplace.

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The Solutions

We always believe every client is unique. We listened to their story, vision, mission and even what their personal dream for the future. Listening and understanding are our value in Grow and Bless. It's an honor for us to be able to work with them as trusted partner. 


We help PT. Mitra Jaya Sarana with these solutions:

Website Design

We help to transform their image in digital world with a complete website redesign. By doing this, they will able to show their value, brand image and useful information to their potential clients.

Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

They decide to increase the brand awareness for their Quickfire product line. We support them by using Google Ads as the tool to boost the brand awareness in other cities outside Jakarta.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We observe how the competitor strategies and we work on their SEO. In order to deliver this goal, we do on-page SEO and content marketing by creating articles with optimized keywords.

Email Marketing

We maximize their customer database by collecting the data through email and give a proactive monthly newsletter to client's customer to keep them updated. After a few email shots, our clients generate new sales successfully.

Google My Business

We help them to set up Google My Business listing, from verification, profile, update the photo and review to boost their business. We also help them to set up a profile in a B2B platform to maximize their online presence.

The results

Higher Sales

It's a delightful event for us when we listen to our client's testimonial. Within 4 months, their sales grows exponentially. On the performance report, these new sales comes from the email remarketing, google ads, and organic traffic.

Increased Brand Awareness

Our omnichannel marketing strategy pumps up client's brand visibility. All of the efforts able to push their website on the top organic search engine result page on Google. 

Close the deal from Website Explanation

One of the their sales testimonials to us: “as a new sales, I gave presentation from websites explanation and we close the deals that day”. E.H – Sales Mitra Jaya Sarana


We understand how customer experience and journey through websites. What we build are information and Trust to your clients.

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