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SEO Services to Boost Your Traffic Organically

There are million of  Websites across Internet. You and your competitor are fighting over the same keywords. How can you become at the top in term of Keywords in Google. Our SEO services will help you boost your Traffic Organically. We are located in Jakarta City, Indonesia.

Whats is SEO Services and Why It Is Important for Your Business

Like its Name Search Engine Optimization, SEO services focuses in optimizing keywords releveant to your business. So your Business can be Found with Google Search or other Search Engines.

90% searches in Indonesia are use Google as search engine, and SEO play a very important parts because it will help Websites generate Organic Traffic overtime. SEO is an Investment for your Business and will be a cheaper investment compared to paid Ads.

How Our SEO Services Can Help Rank Your Business Organically

  • Research Potential Keywords

    We will research and discuss with you, what Keywords you want to rank for, how competitive the keywords are, and how we can optimize them on your website pages.

  • Optimizing Your Website Pages

    Most of business Owners didn't understand technical Things such as SEO. What commonly happened is they have presented with a beautiful web design, but without proper SEO inside it. What we will do is to optimize Your website pages so Google can detect it

  • SEO Content Writing

    Articles Blogging is one essential SEO techniques, it help website get ranked for relevant keywords your Business compete for. These Articles will also strengthen your Brand Credibility as a leader in your Market.

  • Recover Your Penalty From Bad SEO

    Another important factors for SEO is Link Building. In the past Lots of Websites used lots of Link Building services with Low credibility which get penalized by Google Algorithm Today.

Brain Storming on Paper

PT. Mitra Jaya Sarana SEO Services Case

Pictures is worth a thousand words. This is a case from one of our clients. Short Background stories behind PT. Mitra Jaya Sarana.

They already have websites for 14 years, without maintenance and without organic traffic because very bad SEO on-page and off-page. The results? they have 0 Traffic and forgot about their websites.

SEO Keyword Ranking

Organic keyword grow month by month started from June.

SEO Keyword

Organic keyword grow mount by mount started from June.

Traffic Growth

Frequently asked questions

Is your SEO services guarantee to enter page 1 Google?

No one can guarantee for your keywords for page 1 or even rank 1 - even their own employees. Google always change their algorithm everyday. What we did is play within Google Rules, Best Practices that confirmed by Google.

The other SEO services can guarantee rank 1 Google for me

You can go to them. Yes you will get page 1 or even rank 1 in short time before Google penalize your keywords that you rank for. Some SEO services still use black hat technique which boost in short term before Google finds out the fishy techniques.

How long SEO services will take effect?

Usually it takes week or months before you see the ranking moves. Some even can take years, it really depends on Keywords competitiveness, On-page SEO optimization and many Signals that will give positive effects. We always say, SEO services is a Marathon. We need optimize, fix and build authority across the web every day.

Your SEO services is expensive, can I get a discount?

If you need cheap SEO services you can go to other websites. If you decide to invest good things especially for long term, you need to decide which one you want use.

What websites Grow and Bless usually take care of?

Most of our key clients are company websites, medium to big companies. Some we can't mention for the sake of their privacy. What we shows you here are the one who agree that we publish the results on public. And we didn't take any adult websites, gambling, and illegal activities websites.

Do you want to grow your organic traffic before your competitor?

Call us today and schedule a zoom meeting with us. We would love to talk to you and your Business

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