Yayasan Kebun Anggur is a non-profit organization in Indonesia. Their philosophy is “spread the light in the dark side of Indonesia” with a mission to bring education to children in rural area of Indonesia.

The challenge

Yayasan Kebun Anggur want to have a system that can inform their donator across the world and also give information to them.


The other challenge for Yayasan Kebun Anggur also they didn’t have someone to maintain their website which results their domain got shut down.

Solution for Charity Organization
Non Profit Organization

The Solutions

We believe we will be long term partner for Yayasan Kebun Anggur since we shares same belief where education is a powerful tool to bless the nation.


We separate Yayasan Anggur into 3 Stages development: website design, email marketing and continuous articles updates.

Website Design

We help Yayasan Kebun Anggur take their domain back www.yka.or.id. Finish with their paperwork for domain and online payment.


This 1st Stage the website will show brief information for Donator and give credibility of what we're doing now.

Email Marketing

We still developing together email marketing system for Yayasan Kebun Anggur. So donator around the world can see what progress we made here through their email.

Continuous Articles Updates

Yayasan Kebun Anggur has Charity Activity besides education.  They help distribute personal protective equipment (PPE), food, medicine, build houses, and support many small villages.


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